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Prior to the oil modification, the pump needs to be actually running for 15-30 mins, cease after the oil temperature level increases, open up the oil connect, empty the oil, and then secure the oil connect, maintain oil to the new pump at specified height.If there is hefty contamination, then put new oil to re-operation, to ensure the pump well-maintained sufficient. The solenoid shutoff must be cleansed for every single three to six months of constant procedure.

Steps as comply with :

A, remove the solenoid shutoff

B, open the solenoid shutoff, the shutoff seat, body, core and pouch packing machine factory springtime, took into the 90 # gasoline for cleaning

C, dry out the gasoline on the parts, at that point set up depending on to the order (before the installment of iron need to be covered with a percentage of lubricating oil)

D, electrical power exam, if the shutoff has a tough resonance or weird noise, ought to re-remove the shutoff physical body, turn a certain angle and then re-installed, exam once more until no sound.

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